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Sustainability, a constant concern of Alambique do Coronel, receives special attention at all stages of production. Discover some actions:

  • At the Roça do Coronel farm, where the alembic is located, all the water used comes from rain, being captured by the roofs and stored in several tanks. This water is used to clean and cool the still.

  • Sugarcane bagasse is used in the furnace of the still with some pieces of eucalyptus wood, avoiding the felling of native and hardwood trees, guaranteeing the preservation of the environment.

  • Constant planting, throughout the property, of native and law trees, in addition to fruit trees, ornamentals and grasses.

  • The company maintains a forest equivalent to 30% of its territory and new seedlings are planted every rainy season.

  • All vinasse, residue from the distillation, is taken to a special box and later, after treatment, used as raw material for manure, fertilizer and animal feed.

  • The parts called head and tail are discarded and stored in drums for later use as by-products.

  • The bagasse (taken from the mill and decanter), besides being useful to the still furnace, is also used for cattle feeding and soil preparation for plantations.

The preservation of the environment is our priority.

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