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The cachaças from Engenho do Coronel are presented in six labels distributed in three blends, two original and one silver.

Our goal is to deliver to the consumer a product of proven excellence with special flavors and aromas.

Our cachaças are soft, have different aromas, unparalleled tastes, “it goes down softly, brightens life and enriches the spirit”.

Cachaça Lua de Mel

The Lua de Mel Cachaça is the result of an exquisite blend of cachaças aged in Carvalho, Amburana, Balsamo and Castanheira vats for a minimum period of two years. Special, tasty cachaça, whose palate meets the most refined, demanding and fine palates.

Lua de Mel do Coronel.png

Castanheira  - Cachaça aged in chestnut barrels becomes smoother with a slight reduction in acidity, slightly tanned color with aroma and flavor of roasted chestnuts, vanilla and wild flowers.

Carvalho - The cachaça stored in oak barrels has a golden color, a mild and slightly sweet flavor, low acidity and pleasant tasting.

Amburana  - Cachaça aged in amburana barrels has a golden yellow color, low acidity with reduced alcohol content and makes the cachaça smoother and more pleasant.

Bálsamo  - The cachaça aged in balsamo barrels has a perceptible and pleasant scent and a slightly astringent taste with the characteristics of cachaças and the sensorial characteristics improve with aging, presenting a special aroma.

Cachaça Reserva do Coronel

Cachaça Engenho do Coronel Ouro

The Reserva do Coronel cachaça, the result of a tri-blend, is noble and special due to the striking flavor of the balm, soft and slightly sweetened by the influence of its oak and amburana woods. Unique and fragrant cachaça whose palate meets the finest and most demanding palates.

Reserva do Coronel.png

Engenho do Coronel Ouro cachaça was the first discovery of a more than special blend between cachaças aged in oak barrels that provide the cachaça with a slight touch of softness and sweetness and amburana, with its charming perfume, bring cachaça has a fine and irresistible taste.

Engenho do Coronel Amburana.png

The Caninha do Coronel cachaça, formed by cachaça aged in oak barrels, is special for the smooth and sweet flavor of the honey extracted from its wood, making this cachaça the favorite of all audiences.

Cachaça Caninha do Coronel

Caninha do Coronel Carvalho.png

Estrela do Coronel cachaça is the result of a cachaça aged in amburana barrels. Mild and fragrant flavor. The softness of its perfume and the light sweet touch make this cachaça the favorite of lovers.

Cachaça Estrela do Coronel

Estrela do Coronel.png

Cachaça Engenho do Coronel Prata

The cachaça Engenho do Coronel Prata is stored in stainless steel vats with bottling after the maturation and rest period.

Engenho do Coronel.png
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