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The Alambique do Coronel was born from the old dream of the owner Emiliano Vital de Souza, coming from a simple family in the city of Dores de Guanhães/MG. As his father was a merchant and with the objective of buying cachaça to resell in his “botequim”, visits to stills in the region of Governador Valadares/MG were frequent. Thus, at the age of 12 he already had a notion of how to choose a quality cachaça. Upon joining the Minas Gerais Military Police Academy, in 1965, this dream was, for the time being, postponed.

From 1975 onwards, the aspirations were resumed and the collection of cachaça bottles began. After his retirement, his passion for this drink became a reality. When acquiring a rural property in the city of Taquaraçu de Minas/MG, the dream gave way to the detailed and audacious project “Alambique do Coronel”. Then came the famous Cachaças Engenho do Coronel.

The cachaças are produced without the use of pesticides and with all the care necessary to produce, by hand, in a copper still, a cachaça of extreme quality and flavor.

Each stage of the production process is accompanied by the veteran founding colonel and by a duly trained alembic worker with extensive experience in production.

The concept of total quality is present from the beginning of sugarcane planting to distribution logistics, everything being meticulously planned with the objective of delivering to the consumer a product of excellence, with an unparalleled flavor and aroma.

Our cachaças strictly meet the quality standards required by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), by the National Association of Producers and Members of the Production and Value Chain of Cachaça de Alambique (ANPAQ) and by the Regional Council of Chemistry (CRQ) .

Our Mission


Produce, bottle and sell quality cachaça, aiming to meet the demanding taste of the consumer, within the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, respecting current legislation and having the recognition in Brazil, and abroad. Flavor and quality of a product manufactured in Minas Gerais.

The Engenho do Coronel Cachaças are soft, have a differentiated aroma, unique taste, “go down soft, light up life and enrich the soul”.

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